About Us

Neopia was started by a team of Professional engineers with decades of experience. We bring together collective expertise to every project we do by adopting a Customer first approach. Our defining strength is our ability to harness the creative intelligence of ours and our customers. We encourage customers to express their ideas, needs, and expectations freely, while we also try to identify their latent or unsaid needs. Hence we always strive to surpass customers’ expectations with absolute perfection and professionalism.

It all started with a casual discussion with our close pals on the problems we encountered while making interiors for our new house. The traditional carpenters are good but they don’t use the technology, lacks customer centricity & professionalism. That was the Eureka moment for Neopia. We group of friends after decades of working experience with multinational corporates in dealing with Global customers started Neopia to cater world class Interior solutions to customers.

Our Work is the Presentation of Our Capabilities

Our Aim

Our objective is to provide turnkey solutions to real-life problems through innovation, technology, and design in a cost-effective manner. we exhibit professionalism at every stage in what we do, we strive continuously to meet and exceed the expectations of our customer.