The living room is where the family gathers…. It is also where the family accepts guests and spends time catching up with friends, relatives, and even neighbours. Isn’t it worth making it so colourful. Neopia has N number of ideas to make it attractive

Why choose Neopia

Personalized Design

We will transform all your needs into aesthetic and ergonomic designs

Reasonable Prices

We know value of your every penny. The Price we provide will be very reasonable & we ensure entire project is value for money

5 years Warranty

All the projects comes with 5 years warranty and don’t worry, they work for long life as we don’t compromise on the raw materials

Less than 2 weeks Delivery

Neopia team comes with International corporate working experience, we ensure on-time delivery every time

Periodic updates

Receive periodic updates from Site via images; watch while we make your design to reality

Look at the Sample Designs

Look at the sample designs which will give you an idea how to make your living room, you can choose as is design to implement or pick best in features of multiple designs, we will implement them

Before you finalize the Living room TV Unit, some guidance on the selection

There are few aspects to consider before you finalize the TV units in the living room, There are varieties of raw materials includes Base material, laminate, styling options, accessories, etc.,The following gives you a guidance on selection of various types. Neopia team helps you in pick and choose best raw materials based on your taste and budget